Your Stay in Qatar

Coming to the Middle East for the FIFA World Cup 2022 promises to be a captivating, unforgettable experience. Learn all you need to know for a smooth trip to Qatar.

Travelling to Qatar


Qatar offers a variety of visas, or visa-free entry, depending on which country you hail from, how long you are planning to stay, and what brings you to Qatar.

You May Also Need to Know
New and Replacement Passports

Whether you are an ex-pat in Qatar or just visiting and lose your passport, follow this detailed process to obtain new or renewal travel documents.

Attested Documents Explained

If you are planning to move to Qatar to live, work or study, you will need to provide legalised or attested documentation to support your application.

Birth Certificates

If you are having a baby or have just given birth in Qatar, there are several administrative procedures required to kick start your baby’s future.


Qatar’s Quirky Hotels for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

In 2022, throughout November and December, it is estimated that over a million visitors will arrive through in Doha and will be looking for a place to stay.

Weather in Qatar

While classed as a dry, subtropical desert climate with hot summers and low rainfall, the weather in Qatar has a lot more variation than you might think.

Enjoying the weather
Great Family Beaches

For a great day out with your nearest and dearest, check out this list of family beaches dotted along Qatar's shores.

Best Beaches for Facilities

If you want to visit a public beach but don't want to compromise on facilities, check out Qatar's free beaches with great amenities in offer.

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Unusual Weather

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Hamad International Airport, The Gateway to Qatar

Qatar's Hamad International Airport is an attraction in itself, with its stunning design, 5-star shopping, high-end dining, and art exhibitions.

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Special Services

If you would like to experience some of the special services offered by HIA, or you need special assistance through the airport, check out the conveniences available.


If you are a citizen or a resident of Qatar, or from one of the GCC countries, you can use E-Gates to fast-track through Immigration.

Onward Travel

With a wide variety of transport options available to travellers arriving in Qatar, onward travel from the Hamad International Airport is fast and efficient.


Ticket To Ride - Qatar’s New Metro System

The construction of the new Metro rail network was put forward as part of Qatar’s bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosting rights. Read our guide on all it has to offer.

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