November 06, 2020

Great Family Beaches

When it comes to public facilities for kids, Qatar has plenty on offer. Nearly every green space in Qatar is equipped with a play area for kids. And, for a country with such an extensive coastline, many of the public beaches have activities to keep kids occupied too.

Beaches such as those at Al Khor, Al Ruwais, Al Wakrah (Souq) and Katara are well-known for the huge number of facilities they offer compared to other public beaches. However, these beaches are also fantastic family beaches. To read more about these four gems, check out our Best Beaches for Facilities article.

If you don’t need so many conveniences on your trip to the beach, here is a short description of a few more of Qatar’s Great Family Beaches.

Al Wakrah

There are two public beaches at Al Wakrah – the family beach and the souq beach. The family beach, located to the south of the city and within a secure compound, is wide and sandy and is one of Qatar’s most favourite beaches.

The water at low-tide is very shallow creating lots of pools and sandbars for many metres out from the shore - perfect for exploring, setting up your own ‘island’ camp’, making a sandcastle, and paddling with a host of small fish and crabs. Further out, the water deepens for swimming and snorkelling.

On-shore many people come to the family beach for picnics and BBQ’s, and families come for the three large, shaded play areas for children.

The family beach is approximately 20 km south of Doha and can be reached in 25-30 minutes by car on the Al Wakrah Road.


Al Wakrah Family Beach has three large children’s playgrounds. There are wooden cabanas with seating, BBQ grills and plenty of trash bins along the beach.

Several toilets and shower blocks are located near the beach carpark.

There are no shops, cafes or restaurants on the beach, so you will need to bring your own food and drink.

Round and About

The beach is located just outside of Al Wakrah, a town with a myriad of shops and a mall to explore. It is also home to the new Al Wakrah football stadium built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Al Wakrah Souq, with its shops, restaurants and cafes, beachfront promenade and children’s play park is also located in the town.

Useful Information

  • The beach is available 24 hours a day with no entry fees.
  • Plentiful parking is available inside of the beach compound.
  • The beach often suffers from large amounts of litter being left by visitors - there are bins available to help keep the beach clean for everyone.

Getting There From Doha

Al Wakrah Family Beach (you can get a bus, but car is probably best):

  1. From Doha, head out of the city on Al Matar Street;
  2. Follow the road onto Al Wakra Road and Al Wakra Main Street in Al Wakrah;
  3. At the Ooredoo roundabout, turn right and immediately bare right into Hadramout Street;
  4. At the end of the street, turn right, then take your next left;
  5. Follow the road to the beach compound entrance on your left.


Simaisma Family Beach is a great family beach to head to if you don’t want to travel too far from Doha. This large stretch of beach has a rocky head at one end and an area of mangroves at the other. In between, the sand is soft and the water shallow and clear. There is even a slipway leading out from the beach for launching small boats and jet skis.

The beach is dotted with palm trees and wooden cabanas, as well as BBQ grills, making it perfect for family picnics and gathering. Grassy areas and a kids shaded play area make it perfect for little ones too. The mangroves are great for exploring and spotting wildlife, and keen fishermen can try catching something from the slipway.

The beach is located on the east coast near Simaisma (Sumaysimah) village, approximately 40 km north of Doha. The journey takes about 40 minutes, and the area is accessed via the Al Khor Coastal Road.


Simaisma Family Beach has a sheltered children’s playground, a soccer pitch, wooden cabanas and BBQ facilities, as well as toilets and lifeguard stations.

Food and drink can be bought in Simaisma village, if you do not bring your own.

Round and About

If you need a break from the beach, Simaisma village is also home to one of the oldest mosques in Qatar, the old Simaisma Mosque, and a nearby children's park.

Useful Information

  • The beaches are available 24 hours a day with no entry fees.
  • Take care when exploring the mangrove areas, they are muddy and slippery.
  • There are plenty of parking places at the family beach.

Getting There From Doha

  1. Head north out of Doha on the Al Jamiaa Street;
  2. Join the Al Khor Coastal Road;
  3. After about 20km take the slip road to Simaisma;
  4. Follow the Simaisma Main Street through the town to the beach.

Umm Bab

Umm Bab Beach on the west coast of Qatar is known locally as Palm Tree Beach because of the collection of palm trees dotted along the shoreline. This beach has fine white sand, full of tiny shells and is edged by clear blue water. The palm trees give this peaceful beach a desert island tropical feel and provide plenty of shade for visitors during the hottest parts of the day. The Umm Bab area is part of a UNESCO Biosphere, the Al Reem Nature Reserve.

The beach at Umm Bab is popular for camping, especially for families. Indeed, part of the beach is designated for families only - it has basic toilet facilities and a play area for kids. Most people come to camp, BBQ and picnic, and take a paddle in the shallow warm waters.

The beach is located near Umm Bab town, about 85 km from Doha. The journey takes approximately 80 minutes, and the area is accessed via the Salwa Road.


Within the fenced area for families, there is a children’s playground and toilets. There is a small shop on the way to the beach.

Round and About

Umm Bab is a small town, but visitors can make use of its small supermarket and petrol station.

The Al Reem Nature Reserve, of which Umm Bab is part of, is made up from limestone pillars and mesas, low-lying plains and wadis. It is home to reintroduced wild species such as ostrich, oryx and sand gazelle (reem). It is a great place to spot them.

Dukhan Beach and town, with all its facilities, can be reached a short drive to the north.

The Zekreet peninsula also lies further North and is a great place for adventure and exploring. The peninsula is home to spectacular rock formations, archaeological sites, abandoned cities, modern art installations and more great beaches.

Useful Information

  • The beach at Umm Bab is available 24 hours a day with no entry fees.
  • Park on the sandy ground at the family beach.

Getting There From Doha

  1. Head west out of Doha on the Salwa Road;
  2. After about 40km take the exit onto the Umm Bab Road;
  3. At Umm Bab go straight over the roundabouts at the junction with the Dukhan/Umm Bab Highway;
  4. Follow the road to the beach.


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Published: February 10, 2020
Last updated: November 06, 2020
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