The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is to be played during the winter months - a first in the history of the tournament. Though the eight open-air World Cup Stadiums in and around Doha are fully air-conditioned - another first for the games - FIFA officials took the unusual decision to move the tournament dates. While the innovative technology in the stadiums will keep fans and players cool, Summer or Winter, the same could not be said for the rest of Qatar - the heat in the Summer can be extreme. So, to ensure everyone’s comfort during the 2022 World Cup, inside and outside of the stadiums, the tournament is scheduled from the 21st November to the 18th December.

Is the Summer weather that bad? No. It is unbearably hot sometimes, but for the most part, it’s a dry heat rather than a sticky heat. And, Qatar has a host of indoor options for keeping its residents and visitors cool and entertained during the hottest periods. Besides, it is perfect weather for visiting Qatar’s many beaches.

What is the weather in Qatar like in the winter months? In a word, delightful. The winter weather is balmy, parks bloom and the streets buzz with people, and there are so many outdoor things to do it’s hard to fit them all in. 

Does it rain in Qatar? Yes, throughout the year there are an array of unusual weather patterns that bring rain, hail, wind and the occasional frost.

Qatar’s weather might be extreme sometimes, but there is so much more to it than just the heat. Read all about Qatar’s yearly weather, plus what to do in the winter, how to survive the summer heat, and what to bring if you visit.

Weather in Qatar

While classed as a dry, subtropical desert climate with hot summers and low rainfall, the weather in Qatar has a lot more variation than you might think.

Surviving the Summer

If you're spending the summer in Qatar with its surging temperatures and humidity, taking the necessary steps to cope will make this season a lot more manageable.

Winter in Qatar

In Qatar, unlike many countries, winter is the time when the country comes alive, and people head outdoors. The temperature and humidity drop, the weather is cool and refreshing.

Unusual Weather

Locally known as Al Sarayat, Shamal Winds, and Wasmi, the unusual weather conditions in Qatar include heavy rains, strong winds, dust storms or thunderstorms.