Brand Identity

Standing out from the crowd, especially when it comes to business, is a number one goal, which is why brand identity is so important. A strong brand identifies its product and makes it instantly recognisable. If it captures our imagination, we will remember it; if it promises something we desire, we’ll buy it; or, if it gives us a sense of belonging, we’ll support it.

For an event like the FIFA World Cup, though it is primarily concerned with the game, it needs a strong brand to support it as a business. If fans buy into the tournament economically, the business grows and spreads its global reach, allowing us all to belong and benefit from the many positive social aspects the tournament can bring. To date, the FIFA World Cup branding has been quite successful - to which billions of fans around the world can testify!

For a host country, the brand identity for their World Cup has many other benefits aside from the economic gains of drawing people into the event. Qatar has designed its brand to feel inclusive - inviting us to join the region and feel the uniting power of football, to discover new and surprising lands, and to expect more than they are often credited for. They hope that through the right branding and a successful tournament, they can bring many seemingly opposing people together for a brighter future.

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Brand Identity
The Right Brand

Designed to capture your attention and create a connection, branding is essential to any event, especially one as loved as the FIFA World Cup.

Qatari National Identity

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The Qatari World Cup Brand

Qatar's World Cup brand celebrates football and its power to unite, the Qataris unique culture and heritage, and the nation's journey to 2022.