July 26, 2020

Ministry of Interior Service Centres List

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Qatar is responsible for handling the country’s policing, immigration and national security. Applications for visas and visa extensions, as well as many other official documents and services such as resident permit applications and renewals, are all processed via the MOI. In order to enhance and improve access to MOI services for the general public, MOI Service Centres provide various services of the department across the country.

The following Service Centres are available:

Ministry of Interior (MOI) Service Centres List
No.Service CentreLocationContact DetailsOpening Hours
No.1Service CentreAl Daayen Service CentreLocationAl Dayeen (Near Al Daayen Health Centre)Contact Details+974 2351222Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.2Service CentreAl Khor Service CentreLocationAl Khor District (Near Al Khor Fire Station)Contact Details+974 44734830
+974 4734844
+974 2351286
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.3Service CentreAl Rayyan Service CentreLocationAl Khufoos Street, Al RayyanContact Details+974 2350333Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.4Service CentreDukhan Service CentreLocationDukhan Lodge, DukhanContact Details+974 2353131Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.5Service CentreHamad Medical Corporation Service CentreLocationAhmad Bin Ali Street, Doha (Beside the Out Patients Clinic)Contact Details+974 44376077
+974 2350370
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.6Service CentreIndustrial Area Service CentreLocationOff E Industrial Street, Doha (Near Traffic Department)Contact Details+974 2351151
+974 2351177
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.7Service CentreMesaieed Service CentreLocationOff Mesaieed City Road, Mesaieed (at Q-Post office)Contact Details+974 2351003Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.8Service CentreMesaimeer Service CentreLocationWholesale Market Street, Mesaimeer DohaContact Details+974 44890212Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.9Service CentreQ-Post Office Service CentreLocationPost Office Main Building, Al Corniche, DohaContact Details+974 44464221
+974 44832755
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 9am - 8pm*
No.10Service CentreShahaniya Service CentreLocationGarafat Al Rayyan and Dukhan Highway, Shahaniya DistrictContact Details+974 2352870
+974 44718454
+974 44718931
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.11Service CentreShamal Service CentreLocationAl Shamal Rd, Al Ruwais (Near Shamal Police Station)Contact Details+974 2351900
+974 44730339
+974 44730335
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.12Service CentreSouq Waqif Service CentreLocationBanks St, DohaContact Details+974 2340608Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.13Service CentreUmm Salaal Service CentreLocationAl Shamal Rd, Umm Salal MuhammedContact Details+974 44835908Opening HoursSunday to Thursday 6am - 6pm*
No.14Service CentreWakrah Service CentreLocationBetween Al Murjan Street and Al Wukair Street, WakrahContact Details+974 2351055
+974 44640699
+974 44075340
Opening Hours6am - 6pm *

* The official opening hours for the majority of MOI Service Centres is 6am - 6pm. However, opening and closing times may vary. It is best to call ahead to check the opening hours prior to visiting.

Published: January 09, 2020
Last updated: July 26, 2020
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