January 25, 2022

Top Marks For Safety In Qatar And Its Capital City, Doha

When thinking of the safest countries and cities in the world, the majority of people wouldn't instantly pick those located in the Middle East. However, Qatar and its ultramodern capital Doha, as well as some of the nation's closest neighbours, top the charts when it comes to being considered safe and free from crime.

Numbeo Crime Index 

Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database that conducts surveys with respondents worldwide to calculate Quality of Life statistics based on the cost of living, health, safety and crime rates in hundreds of countries and cities. 

In 2022, Qatar was considered the safest country globally, with one of the best rates for low crime, out of 142 countries surveyed. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) were rated the second safest, with Taiwan, Isle of Man, Oman, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, Armenia and Slovenia completing the top ten line up.

Doha also placed well in terms of perceived levels of safety and low levels of crime. The Crime Index rated Qatar's capital second in the world out of the 462 cities reviewed. The UAE's Abu Dhabi placed first, with Spain's San Sebastian third, the UAE's Sharjah fourth, and Taiwan's Taipei fifth. Completing the top ten safest cities were Canada's Quebec City, Portugal's Funchal, UAE's Dubai, Switzerland's Zurich and Germany's Munich.

2022 is not the first year Qatar or Doha rated well in the Numbeo Crime Index. Since 2017, Qatar has been in pole position, dropping into second place only during 2018, corresponding with the illegal blockade imposed by neighbouring countries, which was resolved peacefully in early 2021. Doha has maintained second place in the safest city index since 2018.

The surveys conducted by Numbeo present questions to respondents similar to those coordinated by individual governments and scientific bodies. Survey questions are based on the respondents' opinions of crime and safety in specific countries and cities. For example, how worried they are about burglaries, robberies, physical attacks, verbal abuse, corruption and bribery, street safety during the day and night, etc. In Qatar, the vast majority of respondents have very few worries about crime - criminal or civil, felonies or misdemeanours. In terms of street safety, the country's streets are happily perceived as safe during the day and night. 

To anyone who has lived in Qatar and experienced the family-friendly atmosphere, tolerance for diversity and multiculturalism, the clean, well-organised cityscape during the day, and the well-lit streets and parks of an evening - full of families enjoying the cooler climate - the statistics Numbeo has put forward ring true. However, other well-respected global surveys also concur:

The Global Peace Index

The recent Global Peace Index, which ranks 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness, ranked Qatar 29th in the world. The tiny Arab nation has climbed the index significantly over the last few years and is, in fact, the most peaceful country in the Middle East. Kuwait is ranked 36th, the UAE 52nd, Jordan 63rd and Oman 73rd. The rest of the Middle East’s nations are ranked outside the Top 100.

The Global Peace Index is produced by the Institute of Economic and Peace, a leader in measuring global peacefulness using the most comprehensive data from highly respected sources.

The Best Cities Global Place Equity Ranking Report

A recent Global Place Equity Ranking Report compiled by Resonance Consultancy, a leading global advisor in real estate, tourism, and economic development, ranked Doha as the 12th Best City in the world. Out of 100 cities ranked, Doha was just behind London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome, but ahead of cities such as Chicago, Abu Dhabi, San Francisco and even Las Vegas. However, in terms of prosperity and safety, Qatar's capital ranked 1st and 7th globally, respectively. 

The annual 'Best Cities' report ranks urban environments using an established methodology according to the place's quality, reputation, and competitive identity. They aim to help people to decide where to go and when.

Visiting Qatar

For anyone that lives in Qatar or has visited and been party to the country's astonishing developments over the last few decades, none of the accolades heaped upon the nation will come as a surprise. Qatar has invested its oil wealth wisely, channelling much back into the country to diversify its fortunes and create a sustainable economy for future generations to come. The result is a country and capital city full of modernity in a traditional setting, with a multitude of things to do, see and admire, and all in a safe, secure environment. 

For everyone else, maybe it's time to discover one of the best cities in the world!

Main image:  qatarliving.com

Published: January 25, 2022
Last updated: January 25, 2022
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