November 09, 2020

Doha Hits a High as One of the World’s Best Cities

For anyone that lives in Doha and has watched it grow and change over the last few decades, they will be well versed in the city's multitudinous qualities. For everyone else it is one of the best cities in the world to discover - so says a recent Global Place Equity Ranking report (compiled by Resonance Consultancy). In fact, Doha was named 23rd Best City out of 100 across the globe. 

Doha is modern and vibrant, it's full of impressive architecture and innovation intertwined with the beauty of its Persian roots. From multi-laned roads in wide streets lined with sand coloured Arabian-styled buildings and awe-inspiring skyscrapers, to promenades and beaches and acres of green parks - there is so much to see and admire. When it comes to things to do, the city abounds with choices. Residents and visitors alike may visit mosques, old-style souqs, museums, art galleries and top-class malls. One can choose between hundreds of cafes and restaurants serving food from every corner of the world, and, in the evenings, soak up the lively atmosphere in a host of places that come alive after dark. If that were not enough, you can attend a myriad of events and festivals throughout the year, watch a plethora of sporting events from horse racing to motorsports, or, in 2022, join millions of others in celebrating the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. And, when it comes to getting around, the city is no slouch either. Transporting people from place to place are state-of-the-art Metro, light rail and tram systems, all environmentally sustainable. Modern roads are full of eco-friendly public buses and taxis. Even the waterways offer water taxis and beautiful, traditional sailing boats (Dhows) to convey passengers to their destinations. It's no wonder the nation's capital is recognised as one of the Middle East's top destinations to visit.

Diverse, Prosperous and Safe

However, it's not just the quality of attractions, events and entertainment, or even the immense culinary scene in Doha that make it an up-and-coming tourist hotspot. Its diversity and acceptance of other cultures, its quality of life and prosperity, and its peacefulness and safety record also make Doha a welcoming place to visit or to live.

Recognising the growth of the urban tourism culture in recent years, Resonance Consultancy, a leading global advisor in real estate, tourism, and economic development, have been busy building the most comprehensive city rankings on the planet. Their annual report, Best Cities, ranks urban environments, using an established methodology, according to the quality, reputation and competitive identity of the place. Their aim, to help people to decide where to go and when. This year's report recognised Doha's 'other' attractions. Indeed, out of 100 cities, Doha ranked extremely high for the standard of living it offers its residents (and visitors), the low unemployment rates and opportunities created through the number of corporate headquarters based in the city. It also acknowledged the city's development in terms of people. Doha scored highly, again, for the diverse nature of its population and the opportunities for personal development through education. 

Moreover, Doha doesn't just score highly in terms of its touristic value, diversity or prosperity - it is also one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the region. The Numbeo Crime Index, which compiles and shares information on crime levels in 133 countries around the world, ranked Qatar, in 2020, as the safest place in the world in terms of criminality. And, the 2020 Global Peace Index, which ranks 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness, ranked Qatar 27th on the scale. The nation, despite the blockade imposed in 2017 by neighbouring countries, has climbed the Index significantly over the last two years. It is, in fact, the most peaceful country in the Middle East. 

Undeniably then, Qatar can manage during a crisis. Further proof of their resilience has come about during the recent COVID-19 crisis. The International Institute for Management Development's (IMD) World Competitiveness Yearbook 2020, ranked Qatar 6th out of 63 countries poised to bounce back economically after the pandemic. No small feat considering the placed ahead of Germany, China and the United Kingdom.

So, if you are looking for a top destination for attractions, culture and modernity, while feeling safe and well looked after, look no further.

Published: November 09, 2020
Last updated: November 09, 2020
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