January 29, 2021 ·
FIFA Club World Cup - Fact File

Qatar's 2020 Club World Cup is about to begin, but what do we know about the competition? Check out this tournament Fact File to find out more...

January 03, 2021 ·
2020 Football Losses

Sadly, even our football heroes don’t live forever. In 2020, some of the greats were lost, including Maradona, and some who were just starting their game.

December 05, 2020 ·
Maradona, The Lost Legend

Maradona was a boy from the slums with an extraordinary talent. He became a legend and a hero but, despite his abilities and the adoration, got lost along the way.

November 09, 2020 ·
New Handball Rule Needs a VAR Check

The new handball rule in football is causing some controversy with VAR technology being pulled into the fray - can it be sorted out by the 2022 World Cup?

November 05, 2020 ·
Beach Soccer - Sun, Sand and Football

From Brazil to sandy pitches across the globe, beach football is a growing sport of skill, agility, and stamina. Find out more about how the game is played, by whom and Qatar's involvement in this global sport.

November 05, 2020 ·
The Making of Women’s Football

Women's football has taken over a century to gain the kudos it enjoys today; it has been a hard-fought journey. Today work continues to make the game accessible for women worldwide.

November 05, 2020 ·
VAR Technology

VAR Technology is relatively new and will probably be used at the 2022 World Cup, but how does it work?

World Cup

November 09, 2020 ·
The Best and Worst World Cup Matches

There have been some nine hundred World Cup football matches since the inaugural game in 1930; some have been superlative, a joy to behold, others are best forgotten.




Goal Line Technology

A goal detection system that promises to accurately determine whether or not a ball has crossed the goal line. But how does it work?