November 04, 2020

Staying Cool on the Streets of Qatar

In July 2018, FIFA agreed to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from the usual fixtures dates in June and July to November 21st through to December 18th. The decision meant that visitors to Qatar would miss the searing summer heat - not a problem in the new World Cup stadiums with their innovative cooling technology but, out on the street, the temperatures would hinder any other activities.

Temperatures during the winter months rarely exceed 30oC (86oF) - generally pleasant to hot rather than scorching. However, as the designers of the stadium cooling technology will attest, people are usually at they’re most comfortable at temperatures around 21oC (70oF). So, with that in mind, the World Cup stadiums have been designed to keep visitors cool whatever the season. Tree-lined walkways provide shaded areas for arriving and departing fans. Air-conditioned Metro stations, trains, taxis and buses keep everyone cool from A to B, and hotels, malls and indoor attractions all offer climate-controlled environments.

Recently, Qatar has added another cool addition to its portfolio of chilled facilities. Now even waiting for a bus will be cool….

Cool Bus Stops

Qatar Rail, responsible for Doha's new Metro, light rail and tram systems, has begun to roll out the construction of 300 air-conditioned bus shelters. The shelters, for public bus and Metrolink bus service users, will be located around Doha Metro stations across the city and suburbs. And, aside from offering a comfortable waiting area, they will provide bus timings via a digital display.

Additionally, developers at The Pearl-Qatar, the country’s premier man-made Mediterranean-style island, have also installed new climate-controlled, sheltered bus stops. The shelters, designed to blend in with the rest of the island's character, serve passengers travelling to and from the recently opened Legtaifiya Metro Station on the Red Line. Handily, they also offer mobile charging outlets for customers to use while they wait for their bus.

So, whatever World Cup fans feel on their travels around Qatar in 2022 - joyful, excited, euphoric and possibly dejected should their team lose a game - they won’t be feeling hot under the collar!

Main Image: Nataliia Sokolovska/

Published: October 16, 2020
Last updated: November 04, 2020
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