November 03, 2020

Qatar’s Spotlessly Clean Hotels

The battle against COVID-19 continues around the world with many of us wondering when life will return to normal. In particular, when travel and hotel stays will resume and be deemed 'safe'. In Qatar, the National Tourism Council (QNTC), in collaboration with the country's Ministry of Public Health, has also been giving the matter a lot of thought. In a bid to revive tourism, they have instigated several initiatives. These are designed to ensure a safe haven in which visitors can feel secure to discover the many delights the nation has to offer. One such scheme is the Qatar Clean Programme.

The Qatar Clean Programme was launched in July of this year. The programme, designed as part of the phased lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, is working towards safely welcoming visitors, domestic and international, back into its hotels and restaurants.

Stage one of the programme defines the standards for sterilisation and disinfection to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Thus, supporting the ongoing measures that hotels and other tourist and services facilities have already taken. The standards reflect the Ministry of Public Health guidelines for protecting hospitality workers and guests. They include the need for each facility to appoint a 'Qatar Clean Manager', provide training for employees, adhere to a set programme of sterilisation and disinfecting, introduce 2m and other social distancing rules, and allow for regular QNTC and MoPH inspections. Hotels and other facilities that comply with all of the requirements will be certified 'Qatar Clean'. The certification, it is hoped, will help to assure the public that hotels can provide a safe experience for guests.

Stage two of the programme will incorporate all licensed restaurants and food and drinks outlets across the country.

In the last week, the QNTC has announced that more than 90% of the country's hotels, licensed by the council, have been certified as 'Qatar Clean'. The programme aims to achieve 100% in the coming months. Already domestic tourism rates are rising with hotels reporting positive increases in occupancy rates. The rising rates are a significant win for the sector and a sign of hope for the country's citizens and residents. And for the international community hoping to travel again soon, especially those eyeing up a trip to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Main Image: Noushad Thekkayil/

Published: October 02, 2020
Last updated: November 03, 2020
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