January 18, 2022

Developing Qatar's and the Middle East's Sports Industry

Qatar's Aspire Zone Foundation, in collaboration with LaLiga Business School, is launching a new MBA in Sports and Entertainment, aiming to empower the future game-changers of the Middle East's sporting industry. The first round of the new course, to be taught at Doha's Aspire Zone, will begin in February 2022 and run for nine months, with students graduating in November.

The Course

The new MBA in Sports and Entertainment is designed to instruct and inspire the future leaders of the burgeoning sports and entertainment in Qatar and the Middle East region. The nine-month course delivers a programme that helps prepare professionals to understand and progress in a new age of sports and entertainment, where digital and technological disruption is altering the face of the industry, its management and operation, and its delivery to the consumer. The programme delivered to students will enhance their knowledge and application of skills specific to the industry. For example:

  • Management and leadership across the sector from strategic, financial and legal management to competition management and human resources;
  • Marketing, analysis, communication and delivering content driven by the customer experience; 
  • Managing and capitalising on digital and technological opportunities and developments;
  • Managing and delivering content via media and entertainment;
  • Planning and optimising sports events;
  • Stimulating and managing innovation and entrepreneurship.

The programme structure will be delivered via a host of industry specialists at the Aspire Zone campus via in-person seminars - running from Sunday to Thursday - and webinars featuring special guests. 

In addition to the theoretical aspects of the course, the programme will also include educational trips to London and Madrid. Each trip runs for five days.

Over the nine months of theoretical and practical instruction, students of the MBA course will receive a tailored, high-quality degree, which will enable them to pursue careers in football or other areas of a dynamic sports and entertainment industry.

The Partnership

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) and LaLiga Business School joined forces to develop their new educational offering, which will help establish the future leaders of the MENA region's sports and entertainment industry. However, they have been working together on various projects since 2019, having signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to aid one-another to develop sporting talent through a long-term strategic partnership. 

Qatar offers an ideal location for the new venture in terms of access to the region and the country's rapidly emerging prowess as a global sports hub. The AZF is Qatar's premier organisation tasked with developing and supporting the nation's sports industry at home and worldwide. The foundation works to galvanise the country's sports economy, not only through the development of sports champions but by offering world-class facilities for local, regional and international sports events and tournaments, facilities for competitive and pre-competition training and wider industry events, and premises and services for sports education, medicine, research and development. The AZF's main facilities are located at the Aprire Zone in Doha. They include some of the world's finest stadiums and sports venues, such as the 45,000+ seat Khalifa International Stadium - one of the FIFA 2022 World Cup venues. The Hamad Aquatic Centre - an Olympic sized swimming pool - and the Aspire Dome - the world's largest indoor multi-purpose sports hall, containing thirteen different playing fields. The Aspire Zone also boasts the internationally renowned Aspire Academy - a sports education centre, and the Aspetar Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital - a FIFA Accredited Medical Centre of Excellence.

Equally, LaLiga Business School - the education department of LaLiga, Spain's premier football league - offers unparalleled experience, knowledge and know-how of the football industry and all of its complexities. LaLiga has been on a mission to professionalise the sports industry at all levels for some time. Recognising that excellence in sport isn't just a requirement on the field but requires qualified professionals in all of the supporting roles - management, leadership, marketing, intelligence, communication, technology and law, etc., they created LaLiga Business School. The school offers a host of courses, programmes and masters degrees to help achieve their aims backed by the professional expertise from within the industry to deliver them.

The collaboration between the two allows both organisations to advance the sports sector in accordance with industry trends and achieve professional excellence in sports.

Contact Details

For more information about the AZF’s MBA in Sports and Entertainment or to start the admissions process, refer to the La Liga Business School website.

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Published: January 18, 2022
Last updated: January 18, 2022