World Cup

March 11, 2021
COVID-19 Causes Calendar Chaos for CONMEBOL

Coronavirus restrictions mean South America's World Cup qualifier dates for March have been postponed. A headache for CONMEBOL, but for European teams, it's a win.

December 07, 2020
European World Cup 2022 Qualifying Draw

The December 7th draw for the European World Cup qualifiers is just hours away; how does the draw work - read on to find out everything you need to know.

November 10, 2020
The Right Brand

Designed to capture your attention and create a connection, branding is essential to any event, especially one as loved as the FIFA World Cup.

November 10, 2020
Leaving a Legacy

Qatar aims to deliver an amazing World Cup, delighting fans and attracting new supporters. Even more important, however, is the event legacy - how Qatar will use the power of the football to benefit society beyond the game?

November 10, 2020
The Bid - Making History

Qatar’s win and their subsequent hosting of the FIFA Football World Cup in 2022, will not only make history but will leave a legacy that will benefit us all.

November 09, 2020
The Qatari World Cup Brand

Qatar's World Cup brand celebrates football and its power to unite, the Qataris unique culture and heritage, and the nation's journey to 2022.

November 09, 2020
The Top 5 World Cup Winning Goalkeepers

Many keepers have played for their country, but only an elite group has played and won the World Cup. The top five of that group could be considered some of the greatest of all time.

November 09, 2020
The Best and Worst World Cup Matches

There have been some nine hundred World Cup football matches since the inaugural game in 1930; some have been superlative, a joy to behold, others are best forgotten.