April 28, 2021
FIFA Arab Cup 2021 - Official Draw Results

Host’s of the first FIFA Arab Cup 2021, Qatar, recently held the draw for the upcoming tournament that will see 23 Arab nations clash to take the trophy.

April 21, 2021
European Super League - Not So Super?

The newly formed European Super League lasted all but two days before falling apart under mass condemnation. But why did the ESL concept cause so much dismay?

March 21, 2021
70 Years of Football Fever

Since Qatar's football journey began, a little over 70 years ago, the nation has steadily become a prominent member of the international football scene.

January 29, 2021
FIFA Club World Cup - Fact File

Qatar's 2020 Club World Cup is about to begin, but what do we know about the competition? Check out this tournament Fact File to find out more...

January 03, 2021
Turn of the Decade Football Birthdays

Pele and Maradona celebrated milestone birthdays in 2020. Sharing their birthday year are a host of other football superstars - let's find out who.

January 03, 2021
2020 Football Losses

Sadly, even our football heroes don’t live forever. In 2020, some of the greats were lost, including Maradona, and some who were just starting their game.

December 05, 2020
Maradona, The Lost Legend

Maradona was a boy from the slums with an extraordinary talent. He became a legend and a hero but, despite his abilities and the adoration, got lost along the way.

November 09, 2020
New Handball Rule Needs a VAR Check

The new handball rule in football is causing some controversy with VAR technology being pulled into the fray - can it be sorted out by the 2022 World Cup?

November 09, 2020
Xavi - Simply the Best

With a new award under his belt and a top-class team on his hands, Xavi should be looking forward to a fruitful season, and a great World Cup in 2022.

November 07, 2020
Through the Decades - Goalie Gloves

Though gloves for goalkeepers have a fairly short history, their development has produced a multimillion-dollar industry and a vast array of protective wear for keepers worldwide.

November 06, 2020
Breaking the World Transfer Fee Records

Paris Saint-Germain has been Qatari owned since 2011, making them the richest club in France and one of the wealthiest in the world. So, it’s no surprise they broke world transfer fee records three times over a decade.