November 03, 2020

Awards for FIFA

FIFA earned praise this week in the form of a top industry award, the Content Creation Award. 

The honour was bestowed at the Leaders Sports Awards, an annual event to showcase the most innovative people, ideas, technologies and projects driving the sports industry forward. This year's award focused on organisations delivering value to the market, and successfully engaging their audience, by creating relevant and current digital content during COVID-19.

FIFA launched their new online initiative, #WorldCupAtHome, in March this year as a response to the pandemic that saw sporting events cancelled and large numbers of people confined to their homes. The idea was to engage their global fan base by replacing live football with archived FIFA World Cup footage. The concept was to provide community support through football and to reinforce the crucial ‘stay at home’ public health message. The initiative, broadcast across multiple content channels, also provided fans with numerous means to interact and participate in the campaign. Fans were not only able to watch full match replays, but they were also able, through user votes, to determine which matches would be premiered. As well as interacting through live-chat media and watching documentaries and interviews with famous football players and coaches.

Impressively, the #WorldCupAtHome campaign earned over half a billion impressions across the various platforms, captivating 300 million fans in 126 countries.

Main Image: Ugis Riba/

Published: October 03, 2020
Last updated: November 03, 2020